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  Good afternoon! Professors :

  I am honored to introduce myself. My name is ** 30 years old, born in ** city, ** province. In year 2019 and 2019, I received my Bachelor degree and Master degree in **i University. I major in **.After my graduation, I got a job in **. In the past three years, I was involved in several research projects, such as **。Owning to my hard work, I was rewarded the Excellent Prize in the successive three years. However, with time going on, the more I experienced, the clearer I realized that I am really interested in the exchange process of **. I find that the similar and complicated problems rise in my study subject, so I’m eager to cognize more about this field and I hope I can study further in this University . So I am standing here now. I am really excited. I believe what I am doing is a right thing.

  Thank you!


  Good morning, Dear Professors:

  It’s my honor to introduce myself. My name is XXX, I am fromXXCountyXXProvince, December XXXX I was born in a poor family, and my parents are farmers, I love and respect them very much. We were delight with my becoming a fresh man in September 1997. Luckily, I was permitted to be a graduate student after 4 years colorful life on campus. I received my Bachelor degree2019 inXX Institute of Science and Technology, then a Master degree2019 inXX University of Science and Technology. For those 7 years my major was Die Design. Before I received my Master degree, I had done the subject of XXXXXXXXXXX. For the past 3 years, I have been inXXXXXXCollege, where I have been and still am a teacher. I teach students Machine Design etc. I have published more than 10 first-author papers.

  That’s all, thanks!


  一、 第一句話(first word)見到考官的第一句話,很關鍵,不用說的很復雜。可以是一個簡單句,但一定要鏗鏘有力。展示出自信和實力。千萬不要來一句“sorry, my English is poor”.常見的開頭有:1. Good morning! may I introduce myself ..2. I am glad to be here for this interview. First let me introduce myself. I’m peter white, my NO is …(北大清華等學校參加面試的考生很多,可能對考生有一個編號,說一下自己的編號顯得很職業,也很正式。)

  二、作自我介紹——成長經歷(making a self-introduction ——developing history)有很多學校要求做一個自我介紹,這一問題并非在請你大談你的個人歷史。考官是要在你的介紹中尋找有關你性格、資歷、志向和生活動力的線索。來判斷你是否適合讀MBA。你可以先介紹一下成長的經歷,出生地和畢業學校等內容。在這一部分要介紹的有些特色,讓老師在聽幾十個人流水帳式的介紹中增加一點樂趣,就權且當作MBA人際關系管理的第一個挑戰吧!

  I come from ******,the capital of *******Province. I graduated from the ******* department of *****University in July ,1997. (很簡單的一句話,一定要發音準確!要把畢業學校的英文準確名字搞清楚了。)

  你可以借光一下家鄉的名人,可以用這句高水平的話,展示高超你高超的口語。You know, there is a saying that “The greatness of a man lends a glory to a place”. I think the city really deserves it.

  另外在介紹性格和愛好的時候,適合把家庭介紹結合在一起,可以說父母給了你哪些方面良好的影響。不要流水帳似的介紹家庭成員。可以這么說: Just like my father, I am open-minded ,quick in thought and very fond of history. Frequently I exchange ideas with my family during super. In addition , during my college years, I was once the chairman of the Student Union. These work have urged me develop active and responsible characters.


  able 有才干的,能干的

  adaptable 適應性強的

  active 主動的,活躍的

  aggressive 有進取心的

  ambitious 有雄心壯志的

  amiable 和藹可親的

  amicable 友好的

  analytical 善于分析的

  apprehensive 有理解力的

  aspiring 有志氣的,有抱負的

  audacious 有冒險精神的

  capable 有能力的,有才能

  careful 辦理仔細的

  candid 正直的

  competent 能勝任的

  constructive 建設性的

  cooperative 有合作精神的

  creative 富創造力的

  dedicated 有奉獻精神的

  dependable 可靠的

  diplomatic 老練的,有策

  disciplined 守紀律的


  well-educated 受過良好教育的

  efficient 有效率的

  energetic 精力充沛的


  faithful 守信的,忠誠的

  frank 直率的,真誠的

  generous 寬宏大量的

  genteel 有教養的

  gentle 有禮貌的

  humorous 有幽默

  impartial 公正的

  independent 有主見的

  industrious 勤奮的

  ingenious 有獨創性的

  motivated 目的明確的

  intelligent 理解力強的

  learned 精通某門學問的

  logical 條理分明的

  methodical 有方法的

  modest 謙虛的

  objective 客觀的

  precise 一絲不茍的

  punctual 嚴守時刻的

  elastic 實事求是的

  responsible 負責的

  sensible 明白事理的

  sporting 光明正大的

  steady 踏實的


  purposeful 意志堅強的


  temperate 穩健的

  tireless 孜孜不倦的

  三、作自我介紹——職業發展(making a self-introduction ——career development)這是很關鍵的一部分,也是MBA考官會重點考察的一部分。要把工作經歷和MBA的學習以及職業發展方向作為一個整體來談,讓老師感到你選擇MBA是一個理性的選擇而不是一時沖動,選擇MBA是職業發展中的一個必然選擇,而不是因為找不到工作。你可以用這些句型: 1、In the past years, I’ve worked at IBM as a software engineer. In my work, I found communication and management is very important. I always believe that one will easily lag behind unless he keeps on learning. So I choose MBA! if I am given a chance to study MBA in this famous University, I will stare no effort to master a good command of communication and management skill.(在過去的幾年中,我作為一個軟件工程師在IBM工作。在工作中,我發現交流和管理非常的重要。我一直認為一個人很容易落后,如果不持續學習的話,所以我選擇了MBA!如果我有機會在這個著名的大學學習MBA,我會不遺余力的掌握溝通和管理的技能。)